Skype or iChat av Live Lessons

Watch this Video I created to help you sign-up for Skype and start your lessons!!

One-on-one lessons using Skype are now available at www.pedalsteel.com. I will be using 9 cameras to show you different shots of my steel as we work to make you the player you want to be. The lessons are available in 30 minute increments. The price for a 30 minute lesson is starting out at $35.00. A one hour lesson is $60.00. You will also get a video of the lesson that has both sides.

You will need a webcam and a Skype account. To use ichat you will need a mobileme account, AIM account or any other account that will utilize video conferencing. I'll investigate more as we go along. BTW: A Skype account is FREE and Skype-to-Skype video calls are FREE. Here is the camera I recomend if you still need one. Along with a USB extender cable, (male to female) you can set this camera anywhere for any shot. That will help with working on the pedals, knee levers, left hand, right hand, and even the volume pedal.

Attention Mac users: Ichat AV is free and the Video chats are FREE.

You can also use an AIM account. Mac or Windows. It works!!

BTW: I have 9 cameras set-up that I can switch to live. I can even do PIP with two cameras at a time. I've found out I can switch from my Laptop camera to an external DV Converter! Sound is run direct into ProTools and then output to the DV converter. Oh yeah, I can also record each camera to its own computer. (That was for all you geeks like me.)

Not so new...

I've been doing them since January 2009 and they work great. We try to fine tune each lesson for each student. Most likely the first lesson will be an evaluation type where I can see where you are at and what we need to do to help you progress to being a better player. I can also post tab in pdf files for you to work on, as well as, mp3 to play along with, etc.

Had a student send me a tab he wanted to work on and I showed him some shortcuts and gave him a music theory lesson at the same time. (He then got a video of the whole lesson. Nothing to remember or write down.)

Not quite so NEW: I've started recording both sides of the lessons so the student has a Video record of what we worked on. You can utilize skype's 'Send File' command to accomplish this task.

You pay for your lesson at the shopping cart at lessons. Credit cards or Paypal are accepted.

After I receive an order for a lesson I will email you back to set-up a time that will be convenient to both parties. Atlanta, Georgia is in the Eastern Time Zone the same as NYC. GMT (-5). This is available around the world so coordinating the lesson will be important.

Looking forward to meeting you online...pedal steel forever...joe wright